Posted by: lbnassar | July 25, 2006

New Name!

Sorting through that pile of paper that never gets smaller, I found a website url for YarnMonkey. I knew I had looked at it sometime in the last year, but had no memory. OF COURSE, I remembered the World Cup when I got there and saw SOCK WARS. I have really gotten into my latent ADD (isn’t that called multi-tasking) with 4 or 5 knitting projects happening at one time! And now, I’m entering the 2006 SOCK WARS!

My kids are going to crack up! Their school had a PE teacher at one time who invented a great game called SOCK WARS! It’s still played on rainy days in the gym with clean, knotted socks used as ammunition and hockey sticks held by Ninjas which bring players back to life! Crazed and completely original. I hope I can do my socks justice with such a history!

And along with my entry, I must post an alias – how about CycleGrrl, meaning lives in cycles (moon, emotions, school year, children, etc etc)?


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