Posted by: lbnassar | September 30, 2006

My Tirza Bag.

My lovely husband gave me a surprise birthday party for my 50th – and he and our daughters really pulled it off (and of course, the 60 or so people who were there and most of whom saw me every day and never breathed a word!). This item is about a gift I received – two balls of yarn and a pattern for a felted bag (I’m a knitter, did you know?) from my knitting inspiration, Tirza Kaplan. At the end of June, Tirza fell victim to a brain aneurysm and no longer walks with us on this plain. So, I knitted the bag, felted it and it goes almost everywhere with me with a knitting project inside. I think of her often – in fact more than often – she was my knitting cheerleader and continues to inspire me. I can hear her saying what a great idea that is, or talking about her son Jared or husband Mark, or laughing about some silly thing that happened to one of us. She is missed by more people than me.

Natural light (just finished) lucy-bag-before.JPGDetail on bottomlucy-bag-detail.JPG

Finished in unnatural lightlucy-bag.JPG

This is called the “LUCY BAG” and was made with Cascade Yarns Tweed Cascade 220. It’s 90% Peruvian Highland Wool and 10% Donegal (Tweed). Beautiful effect. The wool got a bit darker after felting and all of that detail disappeared, but now we all know it’s there!



  1. I like you bag! I own a small handbag of a similar style, which I’ve almost worn out completely – the fabric is falling apart. I’ve never thought of replacing it with a knitted & felted bag, but you’ve givien me ideas…

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