Posted by: lbnassar | September 30, 2006

Shift in Family Roles….

I got a job. Actually, multiple jobs. With my daughters firmly entrenched in middle school, it was a great time to transition to the paid workforce. I’ve been accessible to them on 24-7 for 14 and 11 years and now it’s time to switch my contribution to the family around and for everyone to share more in the daily and weekly tasks that I’ve been doing for a long time. And for a more balanced family role for everyone.

So, I started seriously looking in mid-June for a job of some kind that I would love, would make a lot of money doing and transition me from mom to working mom etc AND would be a challenge, use my extensive skill set and all that goes with it!

Making the rounds of the temp agencies was discouraging after two months. It seemed that every time I would get a bit of encouragement or an interview that I would get hyped up and then crash after (when I didn’t get the call back or the job interview or the job). After two months of THAT, I was pretty done in. Then, it was like a second wind hit! And suddenly there were call backs and great advice from recruiters and interviews and EVERYTHING!

So, in the end I got a position as INTERIM OFFICE MANAGER at Krugle, Inc. and while waiting for Kerry to go on maternity leave (we are both going to have daughters named Katie), I spent three weeks at Applied Biosystems as EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to two Senior IT Managers. That was delightful. I smiled when I got up in the morning. More corporate, but it was different dressing up every day, wearing heels and hose and skirts – it had been 15 years since I had done THAT. Now, I’m in a startup environment where everything except the pace is more relaxed and I’m looking forward to more smiling in the morning, the continuity and HR experience and different project work and FUN!
I love my husband. spencer.JPG



  1. My first-ever reading of a blog! We’ll see if I can send this comment…We miss you at school..I miss you at school (cant seem to get an underline under I, but the thought is there). About Tirza…I wondered, among many, many thoughts, if there were knitting projects unfinished by Tirza that people could offer to finish and do something special with…give to someone in her family, sell at the peninsula auction, contribute to someone in need. Worth asking about? Gail

  2. It’s great to have you at Krugle, Leann. Thanks for joining us, taking great care of everything and everyone, and keeping things running smoothly. I didn’t know you were a sailor too – we’ll have to swap some sea stories.

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