Posted by: lbnassar | October 23, 2006

TV: Kill it (or at least watch good shows).

Yes, yes, I’m all for the “kill the TV” idea. It is the biggest time waster on the planet (besides mowing the lawn – which just keeps growing). However, if you ARE going to watch it, at least watch something good. Something would keep your attention like good literature, or a good biography. My favorites at the moment are House, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Shark and of course any Law and Order (but I love Vincent best) and CSI:Las Vegas.

There is just too much trash on TV – all of those reality shows (does all of America not have a life and need to live vicariously?) should be thrown out.  Not to mention the talk shows (Dr. Phil and the rest of them).  Absolutely no redeeming value to any of them.

And, truth be told – what if we all turned off the TV and played a game instead?  Maybe America’s kids would feel like someone was paying attention to them.



  1. ok mom, we turn off the TV, but do you play a game with us? I don’t think so… (This is for Kathryns sake not mine lol)

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