Posted by: lbnassar | October 29, 2006

Life is like…

a Moebius Strip. It never ends! We always come back around to where we started. Isn’t there an old saying that no matter where you go, there you are?  You can never escape from yourself or your habits, unless you decide to consciously change them.

An object with one surface and one edge. As a knitter, my challenges are not cables or garments or Fair Isle or Intarsia (don’t know or do them YET). I love pieces that are fabulous yarn, interesting combinations of textures, and patterns that are outside the box. One such is the Moebius Scarf and all of the fun containers that come from that. A moebius scarf is knit from the center outwards, so that the “twist” is created naturally and not at the end by pasting two ends together. I have one on the needles now, but am anticipating the BASKET with a twist in the handle! The woman who thought this up, Cat Bordhi, must have been dreaming, literally. Creative thinkers like her are my heroes.


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