Posted by: lbnassar | November 17, 2006

Fastest ship in the Caribbean.

At least, that’s what was said about her in the movies! The Lady Washington was in port at the Pillar Point Harbor over the weekend – we were some of the lucky few who sailed on her. Four hours and 20′ swells – there were a few very sick people. Holly (the Purser/Steward) said there are 3 kinds of people who have seasickness – those that don’t, those that do, and liars. I have a real appreciation now for the kind of work and courage involved to sail one of those ships from Europe to the New World a few hundred years ago. Even into the last century for that matter! To be on a tiny ship like that, in the middle of the ocean, rocking around, hoping the keel is heavy enough: it would be a huge act of Faith and Courage to step onto it with all of one’s worldly goods in the hold and no going back. As far as the movies go, the Lady Washington played the HMS Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean. (Note to self: NO WAY she could be sailed very easily by just two guys. It’s a good thing she was already rigged when they stole her. And getting to Tortuga? The wind must have changed to suit them.)

Reefing the Sails                                    Setting Out, as seen from our house

The first shot is of the crew reefing the sails – the second is the view from our house the next day, when the Lady was out for the morning cruise.


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