Posted by: lbnassar | December 16, 2006


My Uncle Andy died two days ago (my mom’s oldest brother). I didn’t have as much of a connection with him as some of my other uncles and aunts, but I remember that I always noticed his hands and how much they looked like my mom’s. The oldest 5 of the kids have their mom’s hands (my grandma).  His hands did a lot of things – drove a truck, smoked, held his wife. Everyone leaves a hole of some kind when they pass through the veil to that other dimension (whatever it is). The last time I talked to him, I said remember how it felt when my dad died and it left such a hole? He said we all really miss Marty. And I said that’s what it will be like for us when you go – you’ll leave a hole and we’ll have to meet you on the other side. And that you and my dad had better have the dominoes ready.


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