Posted by: lbnassar | January 29, 2007

Kathryn’s Socks

Kathryn’s Socks In ColorI bought this yarn at a sidewalk sale at my favorite LYS, Fengari. Two skeins sat in my stash for a few months and finally spoke to me as SOX. Not just any socks of course, but Socks of Doom. I thought for sure I had found the perfect socs for my Crocs but at the end of the sock, I was short about 10 rows. Dang. FROGGED IT. Started again but thought bigger needles might use less yarn (6US instead of 5US). Got about 1/2 way down the foot, thought better of it and FROGGED again. Started again, used a different pattern, didn’t like it. FROGGED. Frogged once more and then made up my own pattern. Got down the foot and realized they were too bulky for me so gave them to a grateful Kathryn (lovely daughter mine). Got near the toe and realized I wouldn’t have enough as she has longer feet than I – some smart person (husband mine) said “Make the toe a different color.” Duh.

So, I did. Given the choice, Miss K asked for the heel of the second one to be different also!

Here it is in black and white as the contrast really shows the pattern. Whew!



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