Posted by: lbnassar | January 29, 2007

This I Believe

NPR is running a series on Monday early evenings called “This I Believe.” It’s based on a 1950’s radio series of the same name – Americans from all walks of life share personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives. For me, it has been food for thought, and a catalyst to my own examination of what my values are and the beliefs that hold me up.  Just a sampling:

There is a Spiritual Force in the Universe that sustains me but does not judge me. All creative expression is valuable and what feeds my soul does not have to feed everyone else.

When my daughters were little, my mantra was “people are not for hitting.” I believe that as long as we as a society condone spanking or corporal punishment that we can never rid the planet of war or tit-for-tat punishments. Spank Jill for hitting Tommy? That’s just stupid. Death penalty? Kill someone for killing? How does that work? Talking about our problems and working on non-violent solutions is what I call taking the high road. To all of those conservative right-wingers who say that war is justified, even Jesus said turn the other cheek, didn’t he? (Or at least someone quoted him as saying something along those lines.)


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