Posted by: lbnassar | May 14, 2007

Where does Time go?

Can you say CHALLENGED? I cannot believe I haven’t posted since MARCH!

I did start a new job in the middle of that month – Executive Assistant in IT for Applied Biosystems. What a great group to work for – I really, really like the people I support (3 different groups).

I’ve been working to finish my Inside Out socks (I get about 3 rounds done at lunch time); just discovered a missing cable and am now trying to get back to the same spot as my other sock. Kind of irritating, lemmetellu.

Yesterday, I spent the day in San Francisco with my Girl Scout Juniors who bridged to Cadettes. They walked across the Golden Gate Bridge as a symbol of crossing the bridge to the next phase of their Girl Scout career. It was beautiful weather (I got sunburned forearms), the wind was not too overpowering (the sailboats had great races going), the girls were spectacular, and the other parents were good company. We had a great time. I am very, very proud of them.

Kathryn, Me, Caroline, Maya and Rosie in front


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