Posted by: lbnassar | August 12, 2007


What a time it has been: Miss A graduated from Peninsula School in Menlo Park in June; Miss K and Miss A went to Camp Winnarainbow for 2 weeks; I have been working at a job I really, really like; sailing camp at HMBYC has gone well; Florida in June is really oppressively hot (on the Gulf side) and uncomfortable (on the Atlantic side).

I was stunned to see how grownup, handsome and beautiful those 8th graders were (14 and 15 years old). I cried. I couldn’t breathe I was so taken with them.pict0048.jpg These four have been together since Kindergarten. Buck, Navan, Alene & Audrey are just a sample of their class.

Camp Winnarainbow is the most amazing summer camp I’ve ever seen. The kids there learn all about responsibility, tolerance, hope, vision, and possibilities. Wavy Gravy has got it all right!

Granny (Dottie Lee) turned 80 years old and all of us went to Fort Myers to celebrate with her. The only ones of all of the family who couldn’t make it were in Sweden and a music studio in LA. We missed them so much – – –Dottie & Tony with their 6 children ; and granny-grandkids-1.jpg!

Spencer put together a fabulous summer camp for kids who wanted to learn to sail at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.

The tour at Kennedy Space Center is not to be missed. We were there the day Atlantis landed and could see her still on top of the jet that flew her there with the scaffolding to lift her off. I remember where I was when Challenger exploded; I wish I could remember where I was when all of the many missions went up to build the space station and put satellites into orbit and all of the other things they have done.


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