Posted by: lbnassar | December 7, 2007

I. Won. Sock. Wars.

We have a winner!

Posted by: “astrofilm”   astrofilm

Fri Dec 7, 2007 4:10 am (PST)

Drum roll… the winner is MAMA SOCKSTER!

Would you believe it, her postcard from California and Padiham
Assassin’s from England both arrived on the same morning? The god of
war placed Mama Sockster’s at the top of the pile in the mailbox, so
accordingly she is declared the victor. (Bad luck P.A.)

I want to take a minute to thank all the participants who battled
valiantly this time round. This year was great fun and I have met a
lot of lovely people along the way. I know others have forged
friendships over the course of the last couple of months too. I think
we all missed the forum and found that the yahoo group message board
just didn’t quite do what we needed it to do.

Sock Wars III will be taking place next year. This has all been run
with a lot of love on a wing and a prayer until now. I think I have
learned enough along the way now to seek sponsorship and take this
bloody battle to the next level – enabling us to get proper software
to staff and run the forum, website and mailing lists from the one
site. Keep an eye on the blog, and if you have any comments or
suggestions please email me on the julie@astrofilm. address.

Happy holidays to all!


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