Posted by: lbnassar | February 21, 2008

Get ready for YARN OVERLOAD!

Stitches West starts today – the next 4 days I will only be thinking about yarn! Of course, I have to work a bit in between, but hey, I can daydream right?


TONIGHT: RAVELRY! MARKET OPENS! YARN! TOOLS! (Gotta check my wish list post.)

Tomorrow: Yarn deprivation.

Saturday morning: GREAT BEGINNINGS (looking for new and exciting cast ons).

Saturday night: OVERNIGHT BY MYSELF at the Hyatt at the Convention Center. Whoo hoo.

Sunday morning: KNITTED SOFTIES (stuffed animals!) with my friend Evie. Evie is responsible for getting me knitting a number of years ago. We belong(ed) to a folk art group at Peninsula School called Busy Fingers. Evie would cast on for me, I would knit the body of hats and she would finish them off, usually in the shape of eggplants, tomatoes, and other vegetables! It was fun and easy. From there, Tirza showed me how simple a sweater was. And then I was off to the races! Now it’s usually socks or some felting thing.

Sunday afternoon: STITCH MARKERS (Market Session). Crafting without yarn. Yummy.


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