Posted by: lbnassar | April 30, 2008

Miley Cyrus is really jumping the gun here.

How interesting that Ms. Cyrus has decided to draw even more attention to herself with an article in Vanity Fair. I am avid reader of VF – it has some great writers (Christopher Hitchens, Dominique Dunne among them) and always interesting articles (political, entertainment, investigative) and great fashion ads – fun to look at, but who is really going to buy that stuff?

Anyone who knows Annie Lebowitz and VF KNOWS that she has an edgy take on her photography and pulls no punches. Her camera is honest and her subjects somehow show who they really are, emotions, good looks, warts and all. In MC’s case, this means her in-between time of little girl growing into a woman and experimenting with the way she projects herself.  She may not like how it came out, but THAT is what she was projecting.

To apologize in advance for something we haven’t even read yet just makes it more desirable. And, in fact, I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks is so awful!


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