Posted by: lbnassar | May 11, 2008

Sock Wars vs. NEW MAC

Dearest Darling Husband took a trip to the Apple Store, right in the middle of SOCK WARS III! He came home with one of these for me and one of each of these for the girls!

I lasted until this morning before transferring everything from my last laptop – in the meantime, I was knitting socks for the latest Sock Wars. Great pattern this time, Julie! AND, boy am I thankful for Ravelry and the new Sock Wars blog – the questions I had were answered before I got too far into the cuff. However, I did end up frogging about 4 repeats on two socks back to the cuffs – I didn’t like how big the INC1 holes were, so closed them up a bit. It still looks like lace, but very subtle and I think very pretty. Pictures before I mail them in a couple of days. I think the first person upstream from me is AWOL, so I may have some breathing room this week.



  1. AGH! I can’t believe you can even think about knitting in the face of a new computer…I love knitting but I might love new gadgets just a little more 🙂 Good luck!

  2. pssst.. i am your grand-assassin… letting you know that your assassin is gravely injured (although she doesn’t know it yet!). the weapon of doom left here this morning, via express post.

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