Posted by: lbnassar | August 3, 2008

Plaxo. Twitter. Facebook. CONNECTIONS. CHOICES.

I am continuously amazed at how many ways there are to connect with business acquaintances and friends these days on the web. How to choose? Where to spend time?

Plaxo for casual links, LinkedIn for formal resume posting, Twitter for one-line blogging, Facebook for social networking, BLACKBERRY to read the mail and update everything without a laptop.

I think in the next five years, laptops will be on the sidelines and the iPhone and Blackberry (or Palm) will hold the email/calendar/contacts market. Don’t you think that’s what Steve J. has had in mind all along? The laptop is great if you need a bigger screen and want to type fast. But, already I am spending less time with it and more with email on the BB.

I would go with the iPhone but I hate AT&T and wish that it worked in our house.


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