Posted by: lbnassar | November 19, 2009


Things are beginning to happen over there on the other blog.  Our sailboat, she be ours, in our hands, with sail hoisted on Friday.  Keeping fingers crossed that she will be in the water as planned, all repairs made and bound for Pier 39 harbor.

Miss K is working backstage for the Coastal Rep (Holiday Memories) as a logistical titan.  She loves it – what a great way to spend nights and weekends!

Miss A is almost done with her first college semester and is selling lots of beautiful things at Zero Meridian (I am so impressed).  She has also been working/performing with Blue Blanket Improv!

DH is browsing sailboat equipment web sites, in between consulting hours and regaling me with stories of boatyards, and provisions.

I am finally staying up a bit past my self-imposed bedtimes to the real sleep time.  And blogging.  And thinking about who to take sailing with us.  And composing an auction item for the Peninsula School Auction in March.  There are a few people there with some money who might like to have a nice sail on San Francisco Bay WITH brunch/lunch/souvenirs!  LOL.


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