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Explanation of Sock Wars:

The Sock Monkey announces that Sock Wars II is taking place and the date that signups will open.

Sign ups opened August 27th via a Yahoo! Group. Sock Wars II had 162 participants world-wide, both men and women of all ages.

Signups closed October 1st. The date the war would begin was posted as midnight GMT on October 12th. Between the close of signups and the beginning of the war, the ammunition was posted to the Yahoo! Group (Needle size, gauge, optimal yarn choice. Color and actual yarn left to the participants to choose, but gauge must be met.)

On October 12th, with no fanfare, the pattern appeared as a file posted to the Yahoo! group. A Top Secret Dossier was emailed to everyone on the list with their target’s name and address. Subsequently, through email postings on the Yahoo! Group, a few intrepid participants figured out the “order” and who had who as targets and who each person’s assassin was.

Imagine standing in a circle with 162 people. The person on your right is your target and the person your left is your assassin. You knit a pair of socks for the person on your right (target) while the person on your left (assassin) is knitting a pair of socks for you. Everyone is KNITTING THE SAME PATTERN. AND, everyone knows your shoe size, as it was required when you signed up. When you finish the socks you mail them to your target and they are dead upon receipt. They mail their unfinished socks to you to complete and send on to their target. And so on. If 5 people mail their socks on the same day, then #2-6 are dead and #6’s unfinished socks go up the line to #1 to finish and send to #7. In the meantime, #162 is knitting socks for #1.

In the case of Sock Wars II, everyone was grouped by country and then by last name within their country. Some socks have traveled from Australia to New Zealand to California.

On December 1st, the war was over. Twelve knitters were left standing. Those 12 were instructed to mail a postcard to the Sock Monkey; first one there won. Two arrived on the same day and MINE WAS ON TOP. So I won. (Footnote: I ended up finishing 4 pairs of socks in addition to the complete pair I knitted at the beginning. This is really a matter of luck and the post office, since slower knitters above me were being killed off while knitters below me were sending unfinished socks in a timely matter.)




  1. Hi, why did Julie determine the winner by postcard? Why was SWI so much bigger than SWII? Thx and congrats, Boudica Warrior Queen of all Sockland, Campbell, CA

  2. This is simply the funniest knitting story I have ever heard. For some reason, it reminds me of the MIT Mystery Hunt, which my sister participated in one year (mind the gap).

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